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SpringBoard make a difference?

  • “It is now realistic to aim to become a lawyer whereas at my old school it seemed impossible, as even the number of people applying to go to university was low. But now with plenty of career help and more contacts it seems a more realistic goal.”  

  • “At school, people help and encourage you to try new things ... and build your confidence.”

  • “SpringBoard has opened so many doors and opportunities that I was unlikely to get at my old school.”

  • “I think I’ve become a lot more independent and a lot more confident as well. I feel I can speak to new people easily without being shy.”

  • “Being brought into a radically new environment does improve confidence. The fact that the pupils are nervous and then go on to succeed gives them great confidence for the remainder of their lives.”

  • “The possibilities are endless and the greatest thing about going is that you find out who you are...not who society deems you go through a journey to discover yourself and your ambitions.”

  • “Go for it! This is a life-changing experience and you will not regret your decision.”

  • “It is the opportunity of a lifetime. Our son absolutely loves his boarding school and for us that is the icing on the cake.”


SpringBoard is determined to make a difference: we are committed to transforming the lives of our pupils and to helping them have a positive impact on their home communities. We know we are making a difference because:

  • we keep in touch with our pupils whilst they are at school, and their families, and they give us regular feedback about how they are benefiting from our work
  • we follow our pupils’ progress up until they are age 25 and already we know that our first cohort of school leavers (class of 2015) have gone on to great things. Click here to find out more.
  • we have commissioned the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) to conduct an independent assessment of SpringBoard’s impact. See for more about who NFER are. NFER’s findings to date are overwhelmingly positive. Pupils and staff have reported a wide range of positive impacts and remarkably few negative consequences of the move to boarding. Pupils report improved academic success, raised aspirations and increased confidence. School staff report the satisfaction they feel in helping these pupils settle into boarding and noting the positive effect they have on the peer group. Impacts are beginning to be felt in the home communities where SpringBoard pupils are acting as positive role models and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. Click here to read the latest NFER report.