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Frequently Asked Questions from Parents

Here are some questions parents often ask. The answers come from parents who were new to boarding school when their children were awarded full bursaries.

Before my child starts at boarding school

What will my child gain from attending boarding school?

What challenges might my child face at boarding school and how can I help them overcome those?

I know that the SpringBoard bursary covers the full fees and extras but will there be other ‘hidden’ expenses that I have to pay for?

Will the SpringBoard bursary affect any other benefits that I already receive?

Can you give me any other advice before my child starts at boarding school?

What will be the best thing about my child attending boarding school?

Once my child is at boarding school, how does it work?

How often will my child be able to come home?

How often can I or should I phone, text or email my child?

Who is my main point of contact at the boarding school?

How often will the boarding school get in touch with me?

I have a question about something to do with school: who shall I ask?

What is my child's school food like?

What are my child's sleeping arrangements at boarding school?

What are my child's laundry arrangements (including bedding)?

What happens if my child is ill and will the boarding school tell me?

Once my child is at boarding school, how will they feel?

Will my child find it easy to make friends with other children from fee-paying families?

Will people treat my child differently because my child is a bursary pupil?

Will going to boarding school change my child?

Once my child starts at boarding school, is the partner (the organisation which put my child forward for this opportunity) still involved with them and with me?

Once my child is at boarding school, what is it like for the rest of the family?

How will my other children cope when their sibling is away at boarding school and what advice can you give me to support them?

What are the other parents at boarding school like? Will I have much to do with them?

What is Prize Giving/Speech Day like?