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Frequently Asked Questions from Pupils

Here are some questions pupils often ask. The answers come from pupils who are just like your children: they had never been to boarding school before and were awarded full bursaries so that they could go there:

Before I start at boarding school

What advice can you give me before I start at boarding school?

What can I do to prepare myself academically for boarding school?

What do I take with me to boarding school?

When I first get to boarding school

What challenges will I face when I arrive at boarding school?

What’s it like settling in at the start?

How easy is it to make friends?

What should I definitely do when I start at boarding school?

What’s it like at boarding school?

What is enjoyable about the academic life at boarding school?

What about the food?

What’s it like at the weekend?

Can I phone home?

Washing my dirty socks!

How do I manage having 2 lives, one at home and one at school?

Is it difficult switching between life at school and home?

What will I get out of going to boarding school?

What can I achieve at boarding school?