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does SpringBoard assess your child?

SpringBoard makes a full assessment of your child’s application, taking into account all relevant circumstances. Part of the assessment is the SpringBoard test and this is usually followed by an interview on a later date.

The SpringBoard test is:

  • an all-round assessment of verbal, non-verbal, quantitative and spatial ability
  • a general IQ test so revision is not required
  • taken online and includes two 40-minute tests and one 30-minute test
  • usually invigilated either at the partner or at your child’s current school.


Although no revision is required, your child can prepare for the test by trying practice tests here. You will find other practice tests online or at WH Smith. The partner may also be able to help your child prepare for the test.


Your child’s test results are sent direct to SpringBoard immediately your child finishes the test. We do not give candidates their test results so that candidates cannot compare their results with each other, potentially causing undue anxiety.

The SpringBoard interview is:

  • conducted by a member of the SpringBoard team with your child
  • informal in nature
  • usually held at the partner
  • 20-30 minutes in length
  • designed to assess further your child’s suitability for boarding
  • to help us decide which of our schools may be right for your child.