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your child to a SpringBoard school

  • Working in tandem with the partner which puts your child forward for a SpringBoard bursary, we get to know your child well.
  • We know our schools well: all SpringBoard schools are accredited by SpringBoard and receive regular training and visits from us (see Choosing SpringBoard schools to work with for more information).
  • When the time comes to match your child to a SpringBoard school, SpringBoard is therefore best-placed to be able to identify the right school for your child. For this reason, parents of SpringBoard pupils are not able to choose themselves which schools they would like their children to go to.

In November/December of the year before entry to boarding school, we consider:

  • all of the applications we have received from children across the UK who have succeeded in reaching this stage of the journey to boarding school; and
  • all of the places which are available at our schools

Balancing everything we have learned about your child with our in-depth knowledge of our schools, we match your child with a boarding school. Particular consideration is given to your child’s:

  • academic ability
  • character
  • extra-curricular interests
  • religious needs
  • travelling distance from home to boarding school.

Once we have matched your child with a SpringBoard school, we tell the partner which school your child is going to apply to, and the partner will then tell you.