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does SpringBoard do?

SpringBoard offers life-transforming opportunities to deserving children by arranging for them to attend boarding schools on fully-funded bursaries.

We find eligible children through our partners: the organisation which put forward your child for a SpringBoard bursary is one of our partners. See Who are SpringBoard partners? for more information about our partners.

We place children who are awarded SpringBoard bursaries in boarding schools which have been accredited by us and which we know well. See Who are SpringBoard schools? and Choosing SpringBoard schools to work with for more information about our schools.

We only work with partners and boarding schools which we know are fully committed to providing the highest level of care, support and education for your child.

Who is your point of contact?

  • During Your child’s journey to boarding school your main point of contact is the partner.
  • Once your child has been offered a place by a SpringBoard school, your main point of contact is the school (although you can still ask the partner questions, if you need to).

What is the relationship between the partner, the boarding school and SpringBoard?

All three of us work together to achieve the best outcome for your child. Once your child starts at boarding school:

  • the partner will keep in touch with him or her, as well as with key staff at the school and with you. The partner will also aim to visit your child at school
  • the school will keep in touch with you about how your child is doing and about events happening at school. The school will also keep in regular contact with the partner
  • both the partner and the school will keep SpringBoard informed about how your child is doing and will send SpringBoard copies of your child’s school reports. Your child may also see SpringBoard staff when we visit his or her school.

When will you meet SpringBoard?

We visit all of our partners regularly and often attend the open forums run by our partners so that we can help answer your questions. We also hold our Fellowship Event every August, to which all SpringBoard pupils and their families are invited, so we hope to meet you then.