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is included in your child's bursary?

Your child’s SpringBoard bursary, arranged in conjunction with the boarding school your child will attend, comprises the full cost of the school fees plus essential ‘extras’ as listed below:

  • school uniform and games kit
  • lap-top or tablet (to be loaned to your child) and associated insurance, if necessary
  • text books
  • membership of the boarding school’s alumni organisation, where applicable
  • examination fees
  • your child’s travel to and from the school at the beginning and end of each full term, half term and exeat
  • educational trips (at the discretion of the school)
  • one extra-curricular activity (such as music or drama lessons)
  • personal accident insurance
  • personal effects insurance
  • House bill (essential elements only, at the discretion of the school).

Please note that the following items are not included as a part of your child’s bursary: 

  • leisure activities or ‘tuck shop’ expenditure
  • replacement items of uniform, in the event that your child loses something
  • additional travel expenses.

Please always ask the partner who put your child forward for SpringBoard if there is anything you’re not sure about or don’t understand.