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will your child's boarding house be like?

The boarding house is your child’s new home during term time. There they will be well-known and appreciated. They will take part in house competitions against other houses and be encouraged as they grow older to take responsibility for themselves and others. There are leadership positions in the houses such as the prefect system, peer mentoring groups and social committees to organise house events.

Who lives in the boarding house?

  • Typically, approximately 60 pupils from age 13 to 18.
  • The Housemaster or Housemistress (in part of the house), often with their own family. They are very “hands on”. They usually do a small amount of teaching, as well as running the boarding house, and are supported by a team of House Tutors, who are other teachers.
  • The House Matron, who is a very important person who spends a lot of time caring for the pupils.

Who does the housework?

  • The cleaning staff, but all pupils are encouraged to help by being as clean and tidy as possible and there may be a rota for light duties such as washing up in the year group common room.
  • Sometimes there is an in-house laundry, sometimes a central laundry. Pupils usually either have to or can choose to do some of their own laundry, and the rest (such as sheets and towels) may be laundered by the school service.
  • Some houses have their own dining rooms and catering staff.

Is it very different from living at home?

  • Yes: it is not easy learning to live with 60 other people and there will be downs as well as ups along the way.
  • But: this is all part of the process of learning to be flexible and understanding other people. Your child will learn about boundaries, what is acceptable and what is not. There are times when they will have to stand their ground and other times when they will have to accept that they have misjudged a situation. It is all invaluable experience for the future as they learn to make good relationships and get along with many different people.